• Howard Payne University

                  Band Leadership Camp

  • Beginner Marching

  • Lead Clinician - Mr. Ronnie Leudke

    The Beginner Marching track is designed for those band members who are not yet serving in a leadership capacity. Although leadership classes will be a part of the instruction, this track deals specifically with the challenges of being the best band member possible as a leaders/follower. In previous years, Beginner Marching and Intermediate Marching were simply known as the Band Member track, which split the track into two distinct groups during the times of marching instruction.  The two are now their own independent tracks. The Beginning Marching track is for those that have never marched before. (Beginning Marchers will participate in the camp marching MEGAband! BRING YOUR MARCHING INSTRUMENT! i.e. mellophones/baritones/Sousaphones))


    Beginning Marchers need to bring good marching shoes (NO SANDALS), and your marching band instrument. As you know, our camp takes pride in the air-conditioned camp band rehearsals that we have during the hot afternoons of band camp. We will learn and memorize marching music that we will showcase in a drill with the full camp at the MEGAband showcase on Friday's exhibition.  It will be a blast! There will NOT be placement auditions this year as students will be studying marching music techniques within their own instrumental sections.  We will still have a Jazz Band as an option for students who are interested, and it will meet during the elective and masterclass times.


    SCHEDULE: You will receive a complete schedule during registration. Generally, there are scheduled activities from 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. each day. Our Thursday night jazz band concert will still take place at 9:00 p.m. in Mims Auditorium.  Parents and directors are encouraged to attend.  Parents coming into town for the Thursday night concert are encouraged to get a local motel room and stay for the last day of camp and Final Exhibition.  The final exhibition and awards will be on Friday at 9:00 a.m.  This will feature every track individually as well as one final marching exhibition and show with the entire camp presenting a marching drill with music and full color guard!  We call it MEGAband! Man, it's going to be a huge and exciting experience for everyone!  This is NEW FOR 2017!!


    CLOTHING: Appropriate attire is expected. Please remember that HPU is a Christian institution. Halters, bare midriffs, crop-tops, see-through fabrics, extremely short shorts, or any other clothing that allows for unnecessary exposure, and tee-shirts with inappropriate emblems or slogans will not be worn. Sandals are not appropriate for instructional marching sessions. Since you will be spending a large amount of time in the sun, please wear sunscreen at all outside instructional sessions and bring a water bottle or small insulated thermos. Also, bring bug repellent in case you need it in the early evening hours.


    If you will be attending the Swimming Party during camp, be sure to bring a towel and some kind of wet shoes / flip-flops. No cut-offs or Speedos are allowed. Also, girls must either wear a one-piece or a t-shirt over their bikini top.


    BEHAVIOR: No alcoholic beverages, drugs, narcotics, tobacco products, or smoking is allowed anytime, anywhere. Remember that you are representing your school and community and act accordingly! The Camp Director/HPU Officials reserve the right to remove anyone from the camp who violates the rules set forth by Howard Payne University and Band Leadership Camp. Those removed will not be reimbursed any expenses.


    We look forward to having you on the HPU campus for our 44th annual camp! Feel free to contact us if you have questions. 
    Below is the 2016 Band Member track as an example of the day to day schedule for Beginning Marchers.