• Howard Payne University

                  Band Leadership Camp

  • Accommodations

    HOUSING: All students, directors, and sponsors will be staying in the dormitories on the Howard Payne University campus in Brownwood, Texas. Campers are responsible for their own towels, blankets, sheets, pillow, and toilet articles. The dorms are known to get cold at night so you may want to bring extra blankets.

    MEALS: Meals will be served in the Wellness Center this year due to construction on the Maybee Center. The Wellness Center is located across the grass mall from the Winebrenner building. Your first meal will be served on Monday at noon and the last meal will be served at noon on Friday. The camp will be providing three standard hot meals per day. We will also make sure that there is plenty of water for the students at all times. There will be a concession area available during the free time in the evenings. Your student might want to pack other snack items to bring if they are a late-night muncher.

    SNACKS: There will be concessions during most break times. If students want fruit or have special dietary needs, they will need to bring their own snacks with them. Water is available at all times.

    PARKING: Parking is available in the dormitory parking area. Large buses may park behind the dormitory. Students are not allowed to drive their personal vehicles off campus during the week of the camp.

    TELEPHONE: There are phone jacks in each dorm room. You may bring a phone to use in the room. Long-distance calls can only be made by accessing your personal long-distance carrier's operator through an 800 number printed on the back of your long-distance credit cards.

    If someone needs to contact you only in the case of an emergency or to leave a very important message, the camp office can be contacted through the numbers listed below. (Calls cannot be transferred to individual rooms.)

    HPU main number: (325) 646-2502 (8:00AM - 5:00PM only)
    HPU Band Hall: (325) 649-8502

    MAIL: Mail will be received daily and should be addressed to:
    Your Name
    Howard Payne University Band Camp
    HPU Station Box 865
    Brownwood, TX 76801