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  • Electives

    These are the Electives offered during camp.  If you are a Drum Major, Squad Leader or Band Member, make sure you do not skip the Electives 1, 2, and 3 on the Registration Form. Be sure to have three ready when filling out the Registration Form.

  • ElectivesDescription
    CompositionUsing basic music theory techniques to compose music.
    Beginning Music Theory Learn the basic building blocks of music theory.
    Drill DesignIntroduction to drill design. Techniques used in modern marching band drill design.
    College Music MajorThings you should know before becoming a music major in college.
    Music HistoryA basic overview of music history.
    Audition PreparationPractice tips to help prepare for successful auditions.
    Class PianoBasic techniques used in playing the piano (no experience preferred)
    Teaching Private LessonsTeaching private lessons
    ConductingHow to follow - How to lead, An Introduction to basic conducting techniques.
    Using FinaleThe basics of using the modern computer entry technique for writing music.
    Advanced ConductingAdvanced conducting techniques (cues, dynamics, style, etc.)
    Future Music Educator's(Both nights) Learn the basic in's and out's / do's and don'ts in the area of music education.
    Leading a SectionalHow to lead your peers.