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  • The band director / sponsor track is designed in the most pragmatic way possible. This track is led by retired band veteran, Mr. Mike Lewis from Burnet, TX. Mike has developed this track over the past decade to help meet the needs and challenges that band directors face daily and yearly in a most practical way. Previous years’ sessions have included “Finale: Getting Started” led by Romeo Music; “Recruitment and Retention”; Retirement Strategies for Teachers led by Brent Hancock; Guard Costumes and Design and Development Concepts led by Celestino Sosa; “Integrating Band and Guard”; “What’s New in Music Technology” led by Romeo Music; “Work Faster and Smarter with Elevation and PhotoScore” led by Romeo Music; “What’s New in UIL Music” led by George Strickland;  and many more! (A continuing education form will be available to help you record your hours for reporting to your school district)


    Our camp staff is VERY EXCITED about our new plan to develop the entire marcher this year. In years past we have not incorporated marching instruction with marching instrument techniques development. This year we are planning to incorporate marching techniques along with development of marching instrument pedagogy and preparation, including music memory and specific marching music pedagogy in order to present a FULL MARCHING DRILL on the final day of camp with memorized music and drill integration! The entire camp will present a mega show with the camp MEGABand! It is going to be a total blast for the students! And, your students will go back home prepared to integrate their feet and their playing on day one of marching band camp! Every director we have approached about this idea are super-excited about it! We are, too!!


    DIRECTORS/SPONSORS: There will be scheduled "credited" sessions (Comp. credit) and activities for directors who are at camp. There will also be a special Director Conference Room that will be available for planning, study, and band chat. Make yourself at home. 


    Below is the 2016 Band Directors track as an example of the day to day schedule for Band Directors.