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                  Band Leadership Camp

  • Guard Electives

    The Guard Electives listed below are offered as a part of our standard camp curriculum.
    You will sign up for these electives after you have auditioned for your line placement after you have completed check-in on the first day of camp.
    We just wanted for you to see these so you can be thinking in advance about what you might learn!
    See you at camp!
  • Electives Elective 1 Options Elective 2 Options
    Dance Swing Flags
    New To Guard Beginner  Rifle
    Advanced Rifle Saber 
  • Elective Description

    • Dance:  This class will teach you movement skills, dance warm ups and understanding movmenent phrases
    • New To Guard (NEW FOR 2018): This class is catered for students brand new to Guard or Dancing. This elective will focus on basic  movement skills what to expect in your first year, and marching fundamentals. Awesome for new students
    • Swing Flag: This class will work with singe and double oversized silks, and mix movement and choreography!
    • Beginner Rifle: This class is for performers who are new to rifle with limited skills
    • Advance Rifle (NEW FOR 2018): This class is catered to more mature spinners who have some experience with rifle, tosses and      choreography
    • Saber (NEW FOR 2018): This class if for anyone looking for saber technique and training